Veterinary Staff

The doctors that comprise the veterinary staff at Peterborough Pet Hospital are all highly trained and well qualified. You can be assured that your beloved pet is being treated with up-to-date methods and knowledge. Meet our veterinary staff here.

Dr. Joe Muise

Dr. Joe Muise is Senior partner/owner and a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College (Class of 84). Prior to attending OVC he completed a Diploma in Agriculture at Kemptville College majoring in Animal Sciences and a minor in Landscape Architecture and Design. Dr. Muise came to Peterborough in 1984 and fell in love with the area, making it his home. He became a partner at Peterborough Pet Hospital in 1985, taking over as staff surgeon.

Dr. Muise holds membership in the Ontario Veterinary MedicalAssociations, and continues to keep abreast with the latest surgical techniques. He has acquired numerous Certifications in surgery and has in excess of 29,000 hrs in the surgery room.

Dr. Muise has a passion for minimally invasive surgical techniques and was one of the first to introduce and perform Laparoscopic Ovariectomy in private practice in Canada. He has performed over 500 lap ovariectomies to date. 90% of Canine spays at Peterborough Pet Hospital are now done by laparoscopy as well as Cryptorchid and Gastropexy surgeries.


Dr. Jeff Simmons

 Dr. Jeff Simmons graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1980 and due to earlier hockey experiences, chose Peterborough as his destination over hometown Barrie. After 17 years at Parkhill Animal Hospital as an associate/partner, a chronic spinal disc problem necessitated a shift away from surgery and toward medicine.  Dr. Jeff is an associate veterinarian at Peterborough Pet Hospital having a focus on small animal medicine since 2000.


Dr. Jeff is a lifetime member of the O.V.C. Alumni; a 30 year member of The Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medecine, and holds certificates in small animal medicine. He was twice voted Veterinarian of the Year by Pets Magazine.






Dr. Doug McDermid

Dr. Doug McDermid was a partner and had been at the Peterborough Pet Hospital for most of his 29 year veterinary career. We wish Dr. McDemid all the best in his retirement.