Dental health is a very important part in maintaining your pets overall general health. It is recommended that as part of your pets complete health program, oral care be high on the list and that owners should pay particular attention to their pets diets, treats, tartar control and overall oral health. Good and proper oral health will mean that your pet will have a longer, healthier life and help avoid many of the medical conditions can arise in later years due to poor oral hygiene.

Our veterinarians will examine your pets mouth on their annual wellness examination to assess the dental/oral health and make any recommendations that may be needed to ensure your pet maintains a healthy mouth. We also examine the mouth for any signs of other diseases such as gum disorders, congenital conditions, teeth alignment, retained baby teeth and cancers.

We believe so strongly about the importance of dental health and disease prevention related to poor dental health that we offer our clients affordable routine dental scaling and cleanings. We will do a no cost oral assessment in order to book your pet in for dental cleaning and discuss any additional costs that may apply if extractions or other oral procedures are required. We have an ongoing dental program that runs all year long, not just at certain times of the year. Please ask our staff and doctors about routine oral care for your pet, and things that you can do at home for your pets oral health.